5 Benefits Of Using Memory Foam Pads

The most important layers in a memory foam mattress that makes all the difference is the top 3-4inches thick layer. Granted memory foam pads cannot offer the ultimate comfort and support that a memory foam mattress will give but it does fit into the most important 1-2inch layers of the bed depending on the thickness of the pads. Here are listed some additional benefits of using these pads.


Memory foams mattresses do not come cheap rather quality memory foams are one of the most expensive bed materials out there in the market. If you want to experience memory foam, buying memory foam mattress pads are one of the best ways to go.

Gives a new lease of life to your old mattress

Memory foam pads can be used with your existing mattresses and it will give it a new lease of life as memory foam will compensate for the reduced quality on the older mattress. It protects your mattress and added years to it life.

Easier to wash

Memory foams are difficult to clean. If you have a memory foam mattress cleaning them can be very difficult. Memory foam pads are of course much smaller and easier to handle therefore cleaning them is relatively easier. If you are looking for ways to clean them, there are some excellent methods listed on this site as well.


If you have grown accustom to sleeping in memory beds, the support other types of beds pales in comparison. Hauling around your memory foam mattress is not only unpractical but cumbersome if you travel or stay away from home a lot. Therefore getting memory foam pads is an ideal option if you want to carry it around when you are away from home as it is small and easily portable.

Using it as a trial

There are negative reviews out there about memory foams beds and if you are apprehensive about using them, getting memory foam pads initially is a good option. Also a small percentage of people are sensitive to memory foams and their body can react to it negatively therefore memory foam pads can be used as cheaper alternative to test out memory foam beds before you actually decide on buying one.

Overall memory foam pads add to the comfort of a memory foam bed and will help protect the more expensive memory foam mattress underneath both from wear, distortion and stains.

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