Glass Door Refrigerators For Food Service Establishments

The glass door refrigerator is a great tool for anyone who owns a company in the food service industry. Refrigeration options for those type of establishments are many and varied, but few offer the advantages of a glass door fridge or a glass door freezer.

So what advantages do these pieces of equipment offer? The first is that they make it easy to find things. If you have a restaurant kitchen – as an example – then equipping it with display refrigerators of this type allows you to easily see what items are where, and also to easily tell your current stock levels.

Let us say for instance that you use a lot of frozen broccoli. When you have a shelf in a glass door freezer that holds these frozen veggies you gain two benefits. Firstly, any staff member can readily find that item – this saves employees the hassle of having to search all your freezer space to locate them item. This is a savings in both time, and in your energy bill.

Secondly, if you take a walk around the kitchen once a day to check on your inventory levels, you do not need to open each refrigerator or freezer. Going back to our example you might readily see that out of the order of 10 bags of frozen broccoli you received last week, there are only one and a half bags left. This lets you see what and when you need to order more supplies of each type for your commercial kitchen with a minimum of fuss.

So far, I have only discussed the benefits of refrigerators with glass doors for commercial kitchens. However, they do have a potentially even more important use in retail space. Stores that are in the business of selling perishable foods – or even drinks that must be kept cold – can make great used of glass doored freezers and refrigerators.

The key to maximizing sales in such an establishment is visibility. If you make a delicious and tasty looking hoagie, it does very little good if it’s hidden behind a fridge door. You want your customers to see the product so they will be tempted to purchase it.

There are many different types of display refrigerators built with this usage in mind. Many delicatessens use the horizontal display case, an elongated storage unit with a curved glass top. These are great for displaying cakes, sandwiches and the like to customers queuing to make a purchase.

Another popular option is the vertical display fridge – like those found in the frozen section at your local supermarket. These are great for displaying a wide range of different chilled beverages in a limited floor space. The more options potential buyers can see, the more likely they are to grab a drink before moving to the cash register.

Clearly, no matter what type of commercial food service industry you are in, glass door refrigerators are very important items that can serve your business in a variety of different ways.

True Manufacturing – Underbar Refrigeration

First came traditional reach-ins and chest freezers, the premier cooling systems in most commercial settings. Then came more sophisticated and focused designs such as milk coolers and refrigerated display cases to ensure food preservation by catering to specific cooling and storage needs. And now, True refrigeration has made a step forward by developing its collection of underbar refrigerators – refrigerators that are specifically intended for appropriate storage and refrigeration of beverages and snacks.

True Manufacturing Company has been in the business of providing consumers the largest suite of commercial cooling systems for 65 years. And yet the company is still on the run to develop more innovations in the design of refrigerators just to suit the changing needs of the time. One of the newest fridge lines offered by True refrigeration is the under bar refrigeration line. Under this design category, you will find a dashing collection of refrigerators that are stylish, redefined and yet highly functional in commercial applications.

The under-bar refrigeration collection by True refrigeration includes the following products: beer dispensers (direct draw, stainless steel direct draw, club top direct draw, stainless steel club top direct draw), back bars (pass thru, stainless steel, stainless steel pass thru, 24″ back bar, stainless steel 24″, stainless steel 24″ with swing door, food rated 24″, horizontal bottle coolers deep well, stainless steel horizontal bottle coolers deep well, glass and plate chillers / frosters and stainless steel glass and plate chillers / frosters. Notice how specific can they be when it comes to their type and ergonomic design.

Different though they maybe when it comes to technical function, purpose and overall style, the underbar refrigerators manufactured by True are guaranteed to have that enduring quality and value that ensure hassle free refrigeration and service. If this is something that you are looking for, then True’s got the answer for you.

Simple Storage Solutions in Fridges and Freezers

You don’t need to buy a huge and costly fridge just to ensure that you can accommodate all your food products and other commodities when you could just learn how to efficiently carry out proper food placement and arrangement through buying a number of storage shelves and other related features. This is the simplest way – and not to mention, the cheapest – to optimize space in your fridge. Your refrigerator or freezer may be limited in size, but by stacking freezer baskets and personalizing storage shelves, you can have a chance to store more without compromising the quality of refrigeration.

Proper storage in refrigerators, alas, is not only carried out as a means to optimize space. Consumers should know that when you properly store food, you limit the chances of food spoilage and food odor transfer as well, two problems that can be detrimental for the families health.

For consumers who own refrigerator units, you need to know what kind of food goes to a particular storage space or shelf. For instance, canned goods, milk gallons and beverages are usually stored in door gallon bins. General merchandise and food items (especially those that are likely frequently access should be placed in the front storage shelves. Fruits and vegetables should be stored in humidity-controlled crispers. If the refrigerator unit has adjustable storage shelves (which is the usual case in conventional fridge models), you can buy extra wire shelves or readjust the shelves to arrange the food better.

As most households these days now employ home freezers for extra storage solutions, you might want to buy storage baskets, as stacking freezer baskets may provide convenience and space efficiency for you.

The market is teemed with storage features that you may want to explore. In most cases, you can buy extra storage shelves, freezer baskets and other storage features from the fridge brands themselves, or from various appliance stores.

Refrigerator Dimensions

One factor that should be considered when buying a new refrigerator is the unit’s size. There are many different types of refrigerators with different dimensions designed to cater to consumers’ spatial and storage needs. Their sizes affect their overall capacity as well as their physically fit within the kitchen.

Most refrigerator models fall into the following size categories:

Compact or Mini Refrigerators.

These fridge freezers are small and compact, so can fit in small areas with relative ease. They are ideal for very small kitchens, or for installation in parts of the house other than the main or primary kitchen. I your storage needs are not great, these are relatively cheap refrigeration solutions that are easily affordable and simple to install.

Dorm fridges and beverage refrigerators are typically in this size range. Cooling is required, but only limited capacity is needed.

Standard Sized Refrigerators.

These units are the regular top freezer/bottom refrigerator type. They are ideal for small to mid-sized families with kitchens of average size. These refrigerators have both freezer and fridge compartments that are just about large enough to store food items and beverages good for 4 to 6 people.

Apartment refrigerators are typically of this configuration, as they are relatively – but not too – small and are also inexpensive.

Large Sized Refrigerators.

Large refrigerator freezers are ideal for larger families because they have a bigger over-all capacity. However, their dimensions are

also bigger, so for installation they require relatively spacious kitchens. These large fridges include the big side-by-side refrigerators, French door style fridge freezers and large glass door refrigerators.

Homeowners of upscale housing in expensive subdivisions almost inevitably favor large refrigerators by size, and they have heavily represented in this consumer niche.

Whatever refrigerator dimensions you are seeking, the market provides. Simply determine how much space you have available for your installation, and how much capacity you need. With any luck, you can find a model that meets both criteria at an affordable price.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Prices

Anyone looking at Sub Zero refrigerator price is liable to be shocked at first by the cost of these appliances. For many buyers paying ten thousand dollars – or more – for a fridge freezer is inconceivable, yet Sub-Zero has not insignificant sales at these price points.

The most expensive of the Subzero fridge freezers in the marketplace is the Sub Zero PRO 48. This particular Sub Zero appliance costs roughly fifteen thousand dollars, a very large sum of money. So who actually buys these units?

The main market for Sub-Zero and Wolf are wealthy residential owners seeking to create a home kitchen experience beyond the normal. When performing a full kitchen renovation, buying a Sub Zero refrigerator and a Wolf range are two major steps to creating an upscale kitchen.

If you are considering resale value, it only makes sense to use appliances from this firm in very expensive neighborhoods. If you spend $20000 or more in appliances for a $200000 property, you are unlikely to recoup your investment when you sell. In a million dollar house however, these appliances are much more appropriate. In fact, you may find potential buyers expect this quality of kitchen appliance, over lesser choices such as Kenmore.

Apart from being expensive to purchase, many owners find Sub-Zero appliances are costly to own. Sub zero refrigerator repairs and maintenance are not cheap if performed by factory authorized service technicians. Owners will also find that the cost of buying Sub-Zero parts is not cheap either.

When all is said and done however, these appliances are very nice. They even include upscale glass door refrigerators in their product lineup, which are great as long as you have help to keep the contents of the fridge looking respectable.

For those with expensive homes, these SubZero refrigerators cost a lot, but are worth the money.

Glass Front Refrigerator Reviews – Sub Zero PRO-48

One great option for anyone seeking a full sized glass front refrigerator for home use is the Sub-Zero PRO48 Glass Door Refrigerator/Freezer. This magnificent appliances features sculpted metal and a display suitable glass door, and features dual refrigeration with not two but three separate evaporators.

With a shipping weight of almost 900 pounds, this is a serious piece of kit. Its contents are protected by a UV resistant Triple Pane glass door. This particular glass door fridge offers remarkably energy efficiency, with an estimated annual electricity usage of under 700kWh per year.

Installation options abound for the Sub Zero PRO48. It can be installed as a built-in unit, but also – with the purchase of an accessory kit – supports freestanding installation. An external temperature display allows the internal conditions to be easily monitored without opening any doors.

This model offers many great features. These include touch and glide crispers, adjustable and removable dividers in the drawers, and spill proof shelving featuring stainless steel trim. The doors incorporate an auto-close system to prevent problems due to the doors being accidentally left ajar.

A high quality automatic icemaker and water filter ensure a constant supply of clean drinkable water for owners, a feature standard in these premium appliances.

While the Subzero Pro48 is available both with and without a glass door front, the glass-doored model is recommended if you are interested in displaying the contents of your fridge to the outside world. While a feature that is more commonly employed in commercial settings, some homeowners with upscale kitchens enjoy being able to put the contents of their refrigerator on show.

The well-reviewed Sub Zero PRO48 refrigerator is one of the best options available from this manufacturer, and while somewhat expensive is recommended for any homeowner that has a budget that can cover the purchase price.

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